WU WU - Happy Birthday Empress Wu - Sneaky Skullduggery is Sublime

WU WU - Happy Birthday Empress Wu - Sneaky Skullduggery is Sublime

Empress Wu

Born: February 17, 624

Died: December 16, 705

As most 'Rulers' there was good and bad in Empress Wu. We are going to focus on the good that helped China's women, some during and after her reign. She forged a path that allowed women to obtain seats in the government.

Wu's leadership resulted in important effects regarding social class in Chinese society and in relation to state support for Taoism, Buddhism, education, and literature. 

A grand celebration is held every year on Wu Zetian's birthday, to commemorate the eminent woman born there in the Tang Dynasty. The people of Li Zhou (the ancient of Guangyuan) built the Empress' Temple on the Wulong mountain along the bank of the Li Zhou River.  "On the first month of the month twenty-three, women swim the bay" (正月二十三,妇女游河湾), women in the city will pour out into the city of Jialing River in their showy clothes. They move boats across the rivers and lakes, singing and dancing, seeking wings for Golden Dragon reproduction, feeling the Dragon pregnancy again, and giving birth to several women heroes like Wu Zetian. 

Empress Wu Birthday Celebration Photo1

They later, on September 1 hold The Female Festival is a popular traditional local festival in Guangyuan, Sichuan, hold on September 1st, to commemorate Wu Zetian (武则天), the sole officially recognized empress of China in more than two millennia.This is a colorful and fascinating " The Female Festival of Guangyuan"

Empress Wu River Celebration photo

Now, I'm sure this isn't happening this year of the pandemic but what a sight to see and experience if one could. And I am very happy that the women of China and specifically of Guangyuan have used this historic Empress to move forward to celebrate Female Power. 

Happy Birthday to Empress Wu and the Women of China! Keep on Celebrating. 


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