Tammy Beltrami - Owner/Designer - Dead Queens

Dare to be different is a good saying, but it’s even better to just be different.

Dead Queens is about luxury in a historically modern way. Luxe fabrics. Luxe art. Luxe apothecary. From the collaborations with artists, to the search for the best fabric, the best sustainable way to transfer art to our wearables. Our aim is to aide in creating that look and feeling that makes you be the absolute best you. Special. Different. Crown-worthy. Whether you are a Royal or a Rebel. #everywomanisaqueen

My name is Tammy Beltrami. Welcome to Dead Queens HQ

I started designing clothes as a child. Then I persisted until my mother made them for me and my friends (Thanks Mom!). 
I’m a collector, a curator, a traveller, a film maven—all of which has lead to my personal sense of style, including and riffing off of great design and great quality in so many places across the globe. I believe it’s a human right to embrace and reflect our differences, our individual groove . We can’t change history but we can learn from it and move forward to make a better future and celebrate our unique differences, our tapestry of colour and fabric and flair.
Screw mainstream—find your own vogue and maybe you’ll create a trend, make a statement, change how people think.
Let’s all be rebels. People + Freedom = Life.


Tammy continues to curate and collaborate with artists, attending art shows, and works in film and television.

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Head Office:

Toronto, ON

Contact: info@deadqueens.com

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