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Tammy Rae Beltrami - Owner/Designer - Dead Queens

Many of you might have just joined our Queendom here at Dead Queens in the last while, so I thought I would re-introduce myself. As well as let you in on a little secret that I have not told anyone in this Queendom!

I have always kept my fashion and film business some what separate. I wanted to let everyone here know who I really am. I run, operate and design products for DeadQueens.com in my 'off' time from working in Film and Television as a Script Supervisor (Continuity). A job having to deal with all the details. So Dead Queens is my side-hustle. Usually, my film job requires approximately 70-80 hours/week of my time. The last production that I worked on was a TV series called Pachinko (season 2). We shot in Toronto and Korea. It was an amazing opportunity and an amazing experience. It was also very challenging which is why, for the first time in a long time, I did take a few months off from everything. FYI the fabrics and styles in Korea are outstanding! Previous to Pachinko I worked on Painkiller, which has been getting some nice reviews on another subject that needed to be told. 

Tammy Rae Beltrami - Script Supervisor - Pachinko

On the set of Pachinko - Season 2 - in the rice fields - Korea

(I seem to look a bit worried here but I think this is around day 68 of 12-14 hour days on set - explains a lot!)

I dreamt up the Dead Queens idea quite some time ago when I had a bricks and mortar shop, Aria Boutique in Canada. The idea came from not being able to source a cool, intelligent t-shirt that wasn't mass produced, for my boutique. I wanted a dressed up t-shirt. I love a cool T-shirt under a blazer and with skirts. And at the time I was constantly going to art shows and galleries, another love of mine, so artist collaborations became the thing. I aim to empower people through the experiences and history of others. Good, bad, or otherwise, we would not be here now if it wasn't for those that came before. We can learn from the past and move forward, hopefully in a much more inclusive and caring way. As Queen Elizabeth I said: "The past can not be cured." But the future can. 

Now, many years later, I still do the T-Shirts, but have fallen in love with beautiful home decor and beautiful fabrics (I've always had that beautiful disease). I love beautiful linens and velvets. I also love something that is not your usual. Something a little twisted, satirical, beautiful but not too pretty. This explains the creation of the Royal Tea Towel Collection. Collecting tea towels has been a bit of an obsession of mine. It's not shopping spree if you are buying tea towels....right?!!

And this led to the Royal Pillow Collection in beautiful velvets and cotton/linen and cotton/canvas. I can tell you that everyday that I walk past my Mary Queen of Scots  Throw Pillow with her bloody slash on her neck, she makes me smile and laugh a little. To me those are good moments. It's about the moments. 

Mary Queen of Scots Linen Throw Pillow

Okay so I'm a bit of a dark and satirical human that loves beautiful things. Which is why, when people join the Dead Queens Queendom, I'm over the moon, as obviously we are cut from the same cloth, so to speak. Dark, fun, and beautiful. Right?! 

This year, I have added hand-poured small batch Royal Soap Cakes and Reign Candles as I've had so many request for gift boxes. I looked for a company that I could purchase these from as a private label. I couldn't quite find the right scents or the right amount of scents, so again decided to make my own. I wanted the highest quality of goat's milk soap and just the right amount of essential oils. I love a scented soap, but I don't like the scent to overtake the room or my body. I poured and tested on myself, my family and friends until we were all happy! My husband's favourite scent of the soap is English Rose. LOL! I put much less essential oil in the English Rose mixture, because it rose scent can be overbearing. I also enjoy making the soap cakes and candles. 

Marie Antoinette Reign Candle and Champagne Soap Cake

I am so happy that the Royal Gift Boxes have been so popular. It's fun to curate the boxes. I am also enjoying the special requests for boxes as I like to see what people are putting together for the gifts they want to give. I love to see other's sense of humour in curating their own boxes! The Royal Boxes are the perfect gifts for any occasion and they arrive wrapped and ready. 

Anne Boleyn Royal Gift Box

My other obsession is scarves! Who doesn't love a scarf?! A beautiful scarf does so much for the soul. And printed with the artwork of a Queen gives one even more a sense of strength. The Scarf Collection is beautiful, if I say so myself. Designed in Canada with talented collaborators and printed in Lago di Como, Italy. Ciao Bella! They are beautiful!

Everything you find on the site is made to order and/or made in small quantities. Nothing is mass produced. Made with love and for Queens like you and me. Royals & Rebels. Just a little something to give you strength, a laugh, a conversation piece, and a royal skip to your step. 

There is my story. Thank you for reading. I wanted to reintroduce myself to everyone in the Dead Queens Queendom and to let you know who is making, packing and shipping your products! My hope is that we all Crown ourself and if Dead Queens can help just a little with that, then I am happy.

See what other Queens are saying. Check out the reviews here.

And finally, here's to you, to me, to all of the Queens worldwide, young and old!.

Woman with Champagne Glass in hand

Drop a line anytime here on the Queenspirations Blog or in an email at queenhq@deadqueens.ca I would love to hear from you. Let's have some fun in this Queendom of ours.  And if you are new here and have just found Dead Queens. Join us below. 




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