Aria New Dance Horizons Fashion Show - Queens on the Street

Once Upon A Non Pandemic Days

So here's the story of eventually how Dead Queens came to life....I went to school for fashion in California. I always wanted to have my own boutique. And I did. A few of them. Vancouver, Regina, Toronto. In between owning boutiques, I also worked in Film and Television. And I am still doing both. This is the story of my favourite boutque, the one I wanted to shop in.....Aria Boutique in Regina, Saskatchewan. This boutique was around for 10 years. Over those 10 years, Aria met some great people and made some lasting friendships. I am a lover of all things art, music, dance, travel. At Aria Boutique we started to do Fashion Shows as Fundraisers for a fantastic Modern Dance Company, New Dance Horizons. The boutique was on a pedestrian street - which I so loved as it reminded me of my life in Europe. I wanted to show you a little video of a great time, massive support, beautiful fashion, and incredible artists/dancers. Oh and one of our most loved sections of our fashion shows that we put on were The Men In Skirts. They came back many times by popular demand!

This is just a little story/video to introduce myself to you, say hello to new faces, and a celebration of all the Aria Boutique Queens of my past.


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