Mary Queen of Scots Statue for Dead Queens T-Shirts

Make No Mistake - Dead Queens is at Linlithgow Palace - For Reals!

Mistakes aren't a bad thing....So how did Dead Queens Mary Queen of Scots T-Shirt arrive at Linlithgow Palace

Well, I posted about Mary Queen of Scots on social media. I have two little nick names for her, Slash (my favourite) and Bloody Mary. Ahh yes, you see, I called Mary Queen of Scots 'Bloody Mary' and now she is bloody and she is Mary but she is not Bloody Mary. 

The great thing about this faux pas that I made is that I think I had a really interesting time on social media and chatted with someone across the pond! And also it was really nice that people, Kevin Cardle and his friend Vivian, self-acclaimed history nuts, was listening or reading. It was fantastic that my name calling was questioned and yes literally I was wrong but still a little right about the blood anyway. 

We messaged back and forth for awhile Kevin, his friend, Vivien and I. Then Kevin mentioned that he lived near MQoS's birth place, Linlithgow Palace. Off went a MQoS T-Shirt to Scotland. The T-Shirt arrived and Kevin messaged and asked if I wanted photos and 10 minutes later these photos arrived in my inbox of Kevin wearing Dead Queens Mary Queen of Scots T-Shirt at Linlithgow Palace. I mean really?! How fantastic is that!! 

Mistakes are beautiful. A beautiful mistake. Enjoy these fantastic photos. 

Oh, and Kevin....I owe your friend Vivian a MQoS T-shirt as well. Send her my way!

Kevin Cardle @ Fotheringhay Castle in Dead Queens Mary Queen of Scots T-Shirt
I really am so proud to have our Mary Queen of Scots right there. Really right there! 
Cool. This photo is cool. 
Kevin Cardle wearing DQ MQofS
Kevin giving us a tour of Linlithgow Palace
Keven Cardle touring Linlithgow Palace with Dead Queens Mary Queen of Scots T-shirt
Kevin looks pretty swank and pretty happy in his MQoS T. Everyone in that area should have a DQ MQoS T. 
Linlithgow Palace
Linlithgow Palace
Mary Queen of Scots Statue
The first public statue of Mary is also at Linlithgow Palace. She was unveiled in 2015. 
And there you have it - 
A huge thank you to Kevin Cardle for touring Linlithgow Palace wearing 
Dead Queens Mary Queen of Scots Unisex T-Shirt & making us damn proud of our beautiful mistakes!
Leave us a comment below and tell us how you enjoyed your tour of Linlithgow Palace today. 
Thank your for travelling & Reigning with us virtually!

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