French Queen Marie Antoinette Still Reigns Over Fashion

French Queen Marie Antoinette Still Reigns Over Fashion

Let Them Wear Art: Marie Antoinette's Extravagant Revolution in Fashion

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Let's talk about wearable art and another Queen that has had an incredible influence on fashion for hundreds of years. Marie Antoinette still REIGNS over fashion today. People still like to dress up as her, do photo shoots dressed as her, her influence is unshakeable. It's crazy really. I mean she was called 'Madame Deficit' by the French people. If she was alive today and ruling, we would hate her, but we don't hate her. Well, I don't and by her popularity, so many others don't 'hate' her also. Dead Queens is all about history's misaligned Queens. Marie Antoinette might not have had any political influence but she did have influence over Europe's fashions

 Marie Antoinette by Dawn Pearcey

Dead Queens X Dawn Pearcey collaboration

Step into the lavish lifestyle of French monarchy and Marie Antoinette with the Dead Queens Marie Antoinette fashion and lifestyle collection. Inspired by the opulence of the infamous French queen, we bring you a curated assortment of T-Shirts, tank tops, silk scarves, modal silk scarves made in Italy, champagne soap cakes, champagne candles, tea towels, and throw pillow covers and oversize glorious tote bags—all adorned with the original fine art painting of the ill-fated Queen Marie Antoinette from our collaboration with the talented artist Dawn Pearcey.

Let's take a stroll through the streets of Paris with Marie. 

 Marie Antoinette Oversize Tote Bag - Dead Queens

Marie Antoinette Oversize Tote Bag in the Louvre

The Extravagance Unveiled: Marie Antoinette's Timeless Influence

Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France known for her indulgent lifestyle and extravagant taste, has left an incredible mark on history. No other queen, except maybe Cleopatra, was more intent on dressing for history. We invite you to embrace the bold and daring spirit of the 18th-century rock star queen as she is seen now 200 years later or we could say what she was, a young Austrian Empress Maria Theresa who became  the future Queen of France so young that at age 14 was tossed into the Royal Palace. From the ornate details of her signature hairstyles to the sumptuous fabrics and extravagant accessories, she has become a controversial figure in French history. That is also why we love all our Queens. Royals. Rebels. Warriors. What's not to love?! Thankfully they are part of history so we can move on. LOL What we hope to convey is that we can learn from this sometimes ridiculous history. I mean, the royal couple, Marie and King Louis XVI of France were the reason for the outbreak of the French Revolution, which resulted in the death penalty. Our pieces capture the essence of Marie Antoinette's timeless style through the detailed original fine art painting by Dawn Pearcey. This piece of art is brilliant. If you look at the details you will see the subtleties. 'Rotting ruins' 


@deadqueensstyle Spice up your spring with the Dead Queens Marie Antoinette scarf. #madeinitaly #artistcollab #marieantoinette #deadqueensstyle #crownworthy #royalsandrebels ♬ Dj Cest La Vie - Aldo Zee

Because she is one of our most prominent beheaded Queens, we must mention la Place de la Révolution, now the Place de la Concorde (renamed in 1795 as a term of reconciliation), the site of many notable public executions, including those of King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and Maximilien Robespierre in the course of the French Revolution. Marie's nickname, Widow Capet as she was called after her husband, King Louis XVI was executed. Then months later when Marie Antoinette was sent to the guillotine and beheaded, was the start of the War of Terror and the French Revolution. Marie is a favourite of our Beheaded Queens Collection. The square is in the 8th arrondissement. When I am lucky enough to be in Paris, I always try to learn more about each arrondissement. How can you not design a collection, make a film, tv show about this character. Marie Antoinette reigns on. 


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Place de la Concorde 1793
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Place de la Concorde today

Silver Screen Royalty: Marie Antoinette in Film and Television

Marie Antoinette's extravagant life has been a muse for filmmakers and television producers alike. From the visually stunning costumes to the gripping narratives, she continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As soon as I see that a film or television series about a Queen is coming out, I am waiting impatiently on my sofa for the show to be released! Are you in my wheelhouse? Join me on a cinematic journey to explore the various portrayals of Marie Antoinette on the big and small screens.

 Kristen Dunst as Marie Antoinette

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette (2006): Sofia Coppola's visually stunning film brings the queen's story to life, taking over the French throne, highlighting the juxtaposition of her extravagant lifestyle against the backdrop of political unrest. Sofia's film won an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Costume Design. Kirsten Dunst did a fabulous job of portraying the Queen of style. Sofia had a great cast, Kirsten Dunst as Marie, Jason Schwartzman as King Louis XVI, Judy Davis as Comtesse Noailles to mention a few. There are memes all over the internet of her as Marie Antoinette. I use these memes frequently because they are fun and a little rock and roll. I enjoy Sofia's style of film making as well. She creates a frame and allows the actors to tell the story and we slowly move into more detail frame by frame. The film has had an influence on fashion for the years since it came out. As I've said before, Royal Mania is real. Sofia's version was the modern day pomp and circumstance story. The French people weren't impressed at Cannes but I quite enjoyed it and have watched it more than once! A fun, fluffy, entertaining cake!

 George Blagden in Versailles TV Series

George Blagden in Versaiiles

Versailles (2015-2018): The television series Versailles takes viewers inside the grandeur of the French court, offering a closer look at the young Queen, Marie Antoinette's life and the other members of the royal family. This series takes us deep into the political drama as well as the decadent lifestyle of the Royal court. There is a bit of dramatic license in this series with certain characters, but it is mostly on historical figures and in my opinion, the best writing. In an interview with the cast, U.K. actor Alexander Vlahos, who plays Louis’ peacock of a brother Philippe I, Duke of Orleans said,  “People fall in love with the show for different reasons. They fall in love because they’re big history buffs, or maybe they fall in love with the scenery or the characters. Maybe it’s the way the homosexual relationship is portrayed in a really unique way, or maybe it’s more about the blood and guts and the sort of CSI investigative thing. People come for one reason and stay for another.” So true. I love a good period television series drama. I love movies, yes, but with a series, I have something to look forward to each week. I could go on but really, it's a guilty pleasure and I don't feel guilty!


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Norma Shearer as Marie Antoinette 


Marie Antoinette (1938) Produced by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer and directed by W.S Van Dyke, starring Norma Sherer as Marie Antoinette.  Also cast was Tyrone Power as the French King and John Barrymore. Based upon the 1932 biography of the young Princess by the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig. The film premieres at the legendary Carthay Circle Theatre, where it was specially decorated for the event. The film was the last project of producer,  Irving Thalberg who died in 1936 while it was in the planning stage. His widow, Norma Shearer, continued the project in honour of her husband. It was one of the more expensive films of the 1930s, and a big success. The budget was two million dollars, which is low budget feature today. Marie was popular in 1938 and she continues her popularity today. Love her or hate her, she does live on. 

Marie Antoinette's Reign on the Runways: A Fashion Revolution

Beyond the pages of history, Marie Antoinette continues to influence contemporary fashion on the runways. Designers worldwide draw inspiration from her extravagant style, incorporating elements of 18th-century opulence into modern couture. From voluminous gowns with intricate lace details to towering coiffures echoing the queen's iconic hairstyles, the fashion world pays homage to Marie Antoinette's enduring impact. Yes, as I have said before in other prominent Queen's blog posts, Royal Mania is alive. 

Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 1995

Vivenne Westwood FW 1995 ( my fav)

Yohji Yamamoto Royal Inspired design 2000

Yohji Yamamoto SS2012 (also irresistible)

Moschino 2020

Moschino SS2020

Fête Galantes: Where Extravagance Meets Modern-Day Revelry

And to prove that there really is a Marie Antoinette audience and a Versailles audience look at Fêtes Galantes! In the spirit of Marie Antoinette's grand celebrations, immerse yourself in the world of Fête Galantes—a contemporary homage to the extravagant parties held at the Palace of Versailles during the 18th century. People dress in elaborate costumes, echoing the opulence of the French court, gathering at the historic grounds of Versailles for a night of revelry and enchantment. I interviewed Vibeke Scavenius, who is a historical costumer that attends La Fete and sews her own historical costume herself. She also does her own hair and makeup for this event. Unfortunately, I interviewed her and was not able to save the tech skills. You can check her out on Instagram @la_ducessa_scavenius Keep your eyes out for more of interviews of this kind as I am quite fascinated by the event and what it takes to prepare.

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Guests dressed in baroque style costume leave the "Fetes Galantes" fancy dress evening at the Chateau de Versailles, outside Paris, on May 22, 2023. The annual fancy dress ball at the Chateau de Versailles aims to re-create the baroque splendour of Louis XIV's dazzling court feasts held to show off the wealth and power of France's longest-reigning monarch at the World Heritage site, one of France's biggest tourist attractions.If you are planning on attending a Fête Galante I hope you toss in our Marie Antoinette T-Shirt and the beautiful Versailles modal silk scarf to wear around the streets of Paris. Infuse your wardrobe with a touch of royal flair, with Dead Queens Marie Antoinette pieces, as they are designed to transport you to the grandeur of Versailles. This would be a fun expedition. 


Marie Antoinette T-Shirt - Dead Queens Collection

The Reign Continues: Let Them Wear Art!

Whether you're drawn to the allure of Marie Antoinette's fashion legacy, captivated by the regally fun artistry of Dawn Pearcey, or simply seeking to infuse your life with a touch of royal splendor, our Dead Queens Marie Antoinette collection invites you to step into a world where fashion, art, and history seamlessly intertwine. Indulge in the spirit of royalty, adorn yourself in opulence, and let them wear art!

Royalty Redefined: The Allure of Marie Antoinette's Legacy

Silk Scarves + Modal Silk Scarves

Marie Antoinette, the iconic Queen of France, has forever etched her name in history through her unmatched opulence and distinctive style. Our collection pays homage to her enduring influence, inviting you to embrace the extravagant spirit of this legendary queen. Each piece captures the essence of Marie Antoinette's timeless charm, from the graceful silk scarves made in Canada to the luxurious modal silk scarves, meticulously crafted in the north of Italy.

Marie Antoinette Versailles Modal Silk Scarf - Dead Queens


Marie Antoinette Modal Silk Square Scarf

Marie Antoinette Silk Charmeuse Scarf - Dead Queens

Marie Antoinette Silk Charmeuse Scarf

Marie Antoinette Versailles Silk Charmeuse Scarf

Marie Antoinette Versailles Silk Charmeuse Scarf

A Symphony of Luxury: Adorn Yourself in Art

Royal Soap Cakes

Bathe in extravagance like Marie Antoinette with our champagne soap cakes  As an extension of this regal experience the small-batch goat's milk soap cakes. Indulge in the luxurious lather of our soap cakes, meticulously crafted for a pampering experience that evokes the essence of the French court. Even my husband loves the Goats Milk Soaps. They really are beautiful. Delicate enough for all skin types. This Ultra Goats Milk Soap recipe is very gentle for sensitive and beneficial for aging skin, with a slight scent that is not overwhelming. So Queens, I would say buy them and hide them! LOL. 'Let them eat cake'! Royal Soap Cake and cakes of soap is so Marie Antoinette! These little gems are also the perfect little gift ideas, Paris gift ideas. 

Champagne Soap Cake 

Here is what one customer had to say about the Soap Cakes, "I've been using your soap every morning. The softness of the soap is like a luxury of butter and milk..a nod to Cleopatra and her gorgeous milk enriched skin. I love the way it feels. So soft and rich and silky. I think the size of the bar is just right. Fits the hand very well and the thickness of it again points to its luxury. All in all I have to say I really love it a lot. Don't change the formula so the soap is harder. It's what sets it apart...the luxury of its hand. Thank you." Elayne

 Champagne Soap Cake

Reign Candles

Light your castle to give yourself a Versailles ambiance with our hand-poured candles. Each one a work of art in itself, casting a warm glow and filling the air with a fragrance fit for royalty. Let these sensory delights transport you further into the world of Marie Antoinette, combining historical reverence with modern luxury for an unparalleled experience. The candles are also adorned with the beautiful artwork from the Dead Queens X Dawn Pearcey art collaboration - a beautiful accessory to your home decor. Immerse yourself in the allure of our Dead Queens collection, where every detail reflects the lavishness and sophistication of a bygone era. 


Marie Antoinette Champagne Coconut/Soy Wax Hand-poured Candle

If you are looking for Royal Gifts the Dead Queens Apothecary line, particularly the Marie Antoinette Collection is champagne based making for the perfect Paris themed gifts for her, unique practical housewarming gifts ideas, Mother's Day gifts, a fun gift for Prosecco lovers and perfect mini gift ideas when the occasion arises. 

 Press For Champagne - Dead Queens Champagne Apothecary

Royal Textiles and Home Decor

Some of you might know and others not, but I do have a slight obsession with tea towels. I admit I am a collector...... enter the beautiful Marie Antoinette Tea Towel made of 100% cotton and printed with the exquisite artwork of Marie Antoinette, not only make a thoughtful hostess gift but are also practical for the Queens of the kitchen. To elevate your culinary domain with the queen's presence, reminding us that art should not be confined to galleries alone but deserves a place in the heart of the home. Indulge in the practical luxury of these oversized tea towels, where functionality meets elegance, creating a kitchen fit for royalty.


Marie Antoinette Tea Towel - 29.5″ x 19.5″ (75 x 49.5 cm)

For a touch of royal essence in your home, explore our Marie Antoinette throw pillow covers, available in luxurious velvet, linen, and cotton canvas. These pillow covers add an opulent touch to your living space, combining comfort with regal elegance. Available in two sizes, 18x18 and 22x22, the pillow covers offer versatility to suit your decor preferences. Transform your home into a haven of royal sophistication with these meticulously crafted pillow covers, where the queen's presence extends beyond the canvas and becomes an integral part of your living space for a pop of fun and history. These royal throw pillows add a bit of whimsy to your home and the best part is that they put a smile on your face whenever you see them. Isn't that what decor is all about? Pleasure. Your exact pleasure. It is your castle!

 Marie Antoinette Cotton Pillow Cover 22 - Dead Queens

Marie Antoinette Cotton Canvas Pillow Cover 22"

Immerse yourself in the regal fusion of art, self-care, culinary refinement, and home decor offered by our Dead Queens Marie Antoinette collection—because your home deserves to be adorned with opulence at every turn. This is a history buffs glorious playground!

Opulent Notes

The Marie Antoinette spiral journal, designed with artists and royal taskmasters in mind. This elegantly crafted journal serves as a blank canvas for your artistic musings or a lined sanctuary for organizing your royal tasks. Whether you're sketching visions inspired by the French court or jotting down your daily agenda, the luxurious feel of the spiral-bound journal elevates the experience, making every stroke of the pen a celebration of opulence. Choose the lined version for a touch of refinement in your organizational pursuits, turning mundane tasks into a royal affair. Immerse yourself in the exquisite artistry and functionality of our Dead Queens collection, where even your creative expressions or daily to-do lists can exude the essence of Marie Antoinette's timeless charm. Making notes becomes more enjoyable when you have a special place to organize them. I choose a new one every year and am looking forward to opening the pages to a new year!

Marie Antoinette Journal - Dead Queens

Marie Antoinette Journal 

Royal Correspondence: The Marie Antoinette Greeting Card 

A Blank Canvas for perfect gift additions or sending heartfelt messages to friends awaiting your personal touch. Embrace the charm of days gone by as you indulge in the art of handwritten correspondence, making each card a timeless expression of elegance. Whether tucked into a carefully wrapped present or sent via mail, the Marie Antoinette Greeting Card is a stylish nod to the tradition of thoughtful gifting and heartfelt connections.

Marie Antoinette Greeting Card 

Holiday Royalty: Limited Edition Marie Antoinette Christmas Collection

For the holiday season, deck the halls with our annual limited edition Marie Antoinette Christmas collection. Picture the queen herself holding a Christmas tree in our specially crafted artwork featured on a printed velvet stocking, tea towel, and candle. The juxtaposition of historical opulence and festive cheer creates a unique and enchanting atmosphere for your holiday celebrations. We continue to bring this Limited Edition Marie Antoinette Holiday Spirit Collection back every holiday season. She's just too cute not too! Indulge in the spirit of Marie Antoinette this season, and let your holiday décor reflect the regal charm of the past. Our limited edition pieces are perfect for those who appreciate a touch of history and a dash of extravagance during the most wonderful time of the year.


Holiday Spirit Marie Antoinette Tea Towel

So, whether you're drawn to the allure of Marie Antoinette's fashion, captivated by her on-screen portrayals, looking to immerse yourself in a Fête Galante, or infusing a regal touch into your holiday décor, the Dead Queens Marie Antoinette collection has something for everyone. Embrace the lavishness, celebrate the queen, and let them wear art!

That is our story of Marie Antoinette!

Just for fun: A few of Marie Antoinette's Most Famous Quotes (True or Not True)


"I have seen all, I have heard all, I have forgotten all."

"Let them eat cake."

"Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?"

"There is nothing new except what has been forgotten."

"You can be assured that I need no one's guidance in anything concerning propriety."

"It is true I am rather taken up with dress; but as to feathers, every one wears them, and it would seem extraordinary if I did not."

"My tastes are not those of the king, who has none, except for hunting and mechanic's labour."

"No one understands my ills, nor the terror that fills my breast, who does not know the heart of a mother."

"No harm will come to me. The Assembly is prepared to treat us leniently."

"The king is full of kindnesses toward me, and I love him tenderly. But it is pitiable to see his weakness for Madame du Barri, who is the silliest and most impertinent creature that it is possible to conceive."

"I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long." (which we have printed on our seasonal long rectangle linen scarves

​and I just love this one:

Marie Antoinette: [about Madame Du Barry] Where does she come from?

Aunt Sophie: [chuckling] From every bed in Paris.

Black Heart

Leave me a note and let me know what your feelings about Marie's continuing appeal. Also let us know if you've tried any of the pieces in the Dead Queens Marie Antoinette Collection. 

Royally yours,


PS Shop the entire Marie Antoinette Collection here 

Marie Antoinette Limerick - Dead Queens


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