Fine Art Greeting Cards - A Glamorous Royal Revolution

Fine Art Greeting Cards - A Glamorous Royal Revolution

Fine Art Greeting Cards that redefine elegance with a splash of sass!

 Marie Antoinette Greeting Card

Dive into a world with us, where sophistication meets sass, and Dead Queens' Royal Art Greeting Cards reign supreme – a symphony of elegance that effortlessly bridges the gap between regal history and contemporary chic. Get ready to be swept away on a journey where each card is a fashion-forward celebration of queens from the past, splashed with visionary strokes and a dash of cheeky flair. Look closely, as these artists have splashed some fun, cheeky text relating to each Queen!


Mary Queen of Scots Fine Art Greeting Card

These exquisite little masterpieces are a celebration of queens from bygone eras, brought to life through the visionary creative strokes of emerging and established artist collaborations with Dead Queens. The canvas of Dead Queens art cards span across British monarchs, European sovereigns, Ancient Queens as well as Honorary Queens turning these Queens into high-profile fashionistas, thanks to strokes that are as bold as a runway strut and as delicate as a champagne bubble. Art and history converge with a sartorial nod to the Queens who shaped the world. 


Cleopatra Fine Art Greeting Card 

Dead Queens' high quality fine art greeting cards redefine the art of gifting and communication. Because when it comes to expressing sentiments, nothing speaks louder than a beautifully crafted work of art. Each fine art greeting card becomes a collectible treasure, enclosed in the simplicity of a plain white envelope.


Freddie Mercury Caviar & Cigarettes Greeting CardIntentionally blank cards for you to craft your own royal message as a birthday cards, holiday cards, Christmas cards, floral cards or just a beautiful card to send for all occasions. In a world dominated by digital exchanges, these cards invite you to engage in the art of contemplative communication – a true homage to the timeless beauty of the handwritten note. 


 Fiery Black Heart Greeting Card

 Each Dead Queens fine art card design can be purchased as single cards or packages of three. Some of our best sellers are grouped together so you can purchase select items as multiples and save, such as our very popular Beheaded Queens Greeting Card set and our British Empire set of fine art cards.

Beheaded Queens Greeting Card Set

Dead Queens Beheaded Queen Greeting Card Set of 3

British Empire Greeting Card Set

British Empire Greeting Card Set of 6


Our fine art greeting cards are made with a durable satin finish card stock kof 352 gsm weight. Printed with a vibrant print process using toner. Each 5" x 7" card has precision cut edges on FSC certified paper and resistant to fingerprints and scuffing. 

 Queen of Pop Fine Art Greeting Card

Dead Queens' fine art greeting cards stand out as the chicest, sassiest way to make a statement. And writing and sending greeting cards is soooo good for the Royal soul.

Royal revolution, anyone?



What your favourite greeting card is? 

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