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Clean Like A Queen - Laundress NY Style

Clean Like A Queen - Laundress NY Style

Laundress NY Collection

Clean like a Queen is real. We are very happy to be offering The Laundress NY products here @ Dead Queens HQ. We will be doing pre-orders from the 1-15 of every month which allows us to cut down on the shipping and save the planet in our own little way. We are also doing pre-orders to give time to the company to prepare our orders in these trying times where everything is a bit slower than usual.

I, personally, have been using The Laundress NY products for the past 10 years at least. I also sold the products in my bricks & mortar boutiques. I am a little addicted to say the least. I love washing my cashmere and my silks and even my winter coats. Yes, winter coats! Watch your dry cleaning bills disappear for the most part or completely. 

Some of my favourite products (I have a lot, but a few mentionables) are the Stain Solution. Hands down the best stain remover product that I have every used. Even my daughter and her friends show up with stained clothes as they know that I can get pretty much everything out....It takes a few times with them but the result is a stain free piece of clothing. 

Let's get back to the Cashmere Shampoo and the Delicate Wash. Oh my!!! Yes, you can wash your cashmere sweaters as well as spray them with the Cashmere Spray between  washes. The spray is also perfect for storing your sweaters to keep away those pesky moths. The Delicate Wash allows you to wash all your delicates: silks, lingerie, etc., even in the machine. Yes! Then of course there is the Delicate Spray which you can use on your delicates between washes extending the live of your beautiful hard earned purchases. 

Then my all time, best all around, amazing product is the Alternative Bleach Solution! These Laundress women got it so right! Thank you Laundress! Fragrance-free non-chlorine bleach alternative can be added to the wash cycle to whiten and brighten clothes—it’s safe for colors and most fabrics except silk and wool. You can also use this single product to clean your entire home—floors, tiles, sinks, and surfaces. Amazing right?! 

What makes us jump for joy is the Eco-friendly Benefits of Laundress NY products. 

The Good: Plant-derived (no animal by-products), nontoxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, cruelty-free.

Without the Bad: Free of allergens, ammonia, petroleum, phthalates, phosphates, parabens, formaldehyde, and chlorine bleach. No artificial dyes or unnecessary additives, either!

         Biodegradable Symbol       HE Symbol

There are so many amazing products that last! And the drawer liners, the handwash......too many to mention in one post! The Laundress products are highly concentrated which give you value and HE compatible. You will be amazed at the price per use. More clean for your money! Check out our whole Laundress Collection here. 

Get your orders in by the 15th of each month!

Happy cleaning like a Queen!


Laundress NY Closet


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