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Zulu Queen Nandi - Single Mother Rules a Kingdom in Style

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Reigning in Style

Zulu Queen Nandi's Journey from Single Motherhood to Royalty

In the heart of South Africa, amidst the vibrant tapestry of Zulu culture, there exists a tale of resilience, strength, and regal flair. It's the story of Zulu Queen Nandi, a woman who defied norms, overcame obstacles, and ascended to the throne after journeying through the realms of single motherhood. Here is the story of Queen Nandi.


Zulu Queen Nandi Weekender Tote Bag

Zulu Queen Nandi Weekender Tote Bag


The Unconventional Rise to Royalty

Born in the late 18th century into the Langeni clan, Nandi's life took an unconventional turn from the very beginning. Despite being born out of wedlock, her lineage traced back to royalty, with her father being Chief Senzangakhona of the Zulu Kingdom. As a single mother raising her son Shaka, Nandi faced societal pressures and challenges, yet she remained undaunted in her pursuit of greatness. 

Zulu Queen Nandi Crew Neck T-Shirt 

A Journey of Strength and Resilience

Nandi's path to royalty was anything but ordinary. As she nurtured her son Shaka, she also honed her diplomatic skills and political acumen, earning the respect of her peers and advisors. Her unwavering love for Shaka and her dedication to her people propelled her forward, eventually leading her to the throne as the Queen Mother of the Zulu Kingdom.


Dead Queens

Lily Yang 

art collaboration

Artist Lily Yang

Artist Lily Yang


Zulu Queen Nandi Art Collaboration in Gold Frame

 Shop The Zulu Queen Nandi Collection

To celebrate the indomitable spirit of Zulu Queen Nandi, Dead Queens presents a lifestyle collection inspired by her grace, style, and legacy. Just the kind of woman/Queen that we like to create an artistic collaboration about. Lest we forget these amazing women, whether a royal Queen, an ancient Queen or an honorary Queen. And Nandi kicked some Royal A**!

Zulu Queen Nandi Silk Square Scarf  - African Queen

Zulu Queen Nandi Silk Square Scarf

From beautiful tote bags adorned with traditional Zulu motifs and the Ishaka Beetle to scarves infused with vibrant hues reminiscent of Nandi as Queen or as Indlovukazi (Queen in Zulu) and African landscapes, each piece in the collection pays homage to Nandi's regal flair.

Zulu Queen Nandi Tea Towel | Luxury Linens | Tea Towels

Zulu Queen Nandi Tea Towel

The collection also includes t-shirts featuring the iconic Nandi herself, greeting cards adorned with her likeness, notebooks and journals perfect for jotting down your own royal aspirations, and tea towels that add a touch of majesty to your kitchen decor.

Zulu Queen Nandi Muscle T-Shirt

Zulu Queen Nandi Muscle Shirt

Reigning in Style with Zulu Queen Nandi

As you don your Dead Queens Zulu Queen Nandi tote bag or wrap yourself in a luxurious scarf, you'll feel a connection to the strength and resilience of a woman who rose from single motherhood to royalty. Whether you're sipping tea from a Nandi-inspired mug or jotting down your dreams in a journal adorned with her image, while resting against a beautiful Queen Nandi pillow, you'll be reminded that greatness knows no bounds.

Queen Nandi Pillow on ChairNandi Pillow - Back View

Zulu Queen Nandi Two-Sided Throw Pillow

So join us in celebrating the legacy of Zulu Queen Nandi and embrace your own journey with style, grace, and a touch of royal flair. After all, with Dead Queens by your side, you're sure to reign supreme in every aspect of your life!

Long live the spirit of Zulu Queen Nandi the mother of King Shaka Zulu!
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