Top 10 Gifts Fit For A Queen

Top 10 Gifts Fit For A Queen - Royal Gifts

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Finding the perfect crown-worthy gifts for the Queens in your life is easy at
Dead Queens.
Unique, season-less, curated gifts for that special someone -  your mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, best friend, history lover or for the one that has everything.
For Royals and Rebels alike! 
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1. Wrapped In History Scarves

Crafted from luxurious Silk Modal, made in Italy and 100% Silk showcasing original art prints, our stunning scarves are a stylish statement piece with a rich history.
Also, the best thing about giving the gift of an exquisite scarf, is that it will fit! It's such a beautiful gift to receive and will be something that will transcend time and fads. A silk scarf is always and has always been in style. 
Queen Elizabeth Scarf in Gift Box

   Each scarf is presented in our signature wax-stamped gift box, adding an extra touch of luxury.  

Wa Stamped Scarf Gift Box
Whether you're treating yourself or someone special, our scarves make the perfect, empowering gift choice.
Queen Elizabeth II Lilibet Silk Scarf hanging
Royal Cusions on a Blue Silk Sofa
All the Queens in a row!

Dead Queens' top home decor gift choice: Royal Cushions! Each pillow cover boasts original art, double-sided with your Queen's royal insignia and birth and death dates. Crafted from sumptuous Velvet, Linen, and Cotton Canvas, these bespoke cushions are fit for royalty. Elevate your decor with a touch of majesty! Or surprise someone with this exquisite, yet fun gift.

Cleopatra Linen Pillow on Wicker Chair
Cleopatra Cushion 22x22 in luscious Linen
Anne Boleyn Pillow front and back on blue velvet sofa
All covers have a double sided print. Art on front with royal insignia, birth and death date on reverse for a 2 in 1 option. 

3. Royal Tote Bags

Queen Elizabeth I Oversize Tote Bag

Conquer your to-do list in royal style with our Royal oversized tote bags—a perfect gift choice for history lovers, fashion-forward friends, for all sorts of holiday gifts or to celebrate Mother's Day in majestic fashion!

Adorned with iconic Queens and their birth-death info alongside royal insignias, these totes elevate everyday errands to regal affairs. 

Queen Elizabeth I Tote Bag - Back

Give the gift of elegance and heritage with our oversized tote bags, and make every outing feel like a royal decree.

3. Reign Candles

Light your castle!

Marie Antoinette Candle

Experience the fragrance of royalty with Reign candles—coconut/soy wax candles, infused with the favourite flower scents of Queens, and adorned with exquisite art labels. Elevate any space and treat yourself or a loved one to the perfect gift of regal ambiance.

4. Royal Soap Cakes

Champagne Royal Soap Cake


Indulge in regal luxury with Royal Soap Cakes—luxurious goat's milk soap cakes, each crafted in matching scents to our Reign candles and wrapped in exquisite paper.

Elevate your bathing experience and discover why our products have garnered numerous 5-star reviews. Treat yourself or a loved one to the perfect gift of pampering and elegance. 

5. Royal Tea Towels

Queen Victoria oversize Tea Towel hanging against a white brick wall

The classic royal gift. Ideal for history lovers, moms and Queens of the kitchen alike, these tea towels add a touch of regal flair to any kitchen. Whether it's for a hostess gift or a typical royal gesture, elevate daily tasks with exquisite artistry. Because art belongs everywhere, even in the kitchen.

Everyone will want to spill the tea!

Mary Queen of Scots Tea Towel folded with plates of shortbread cookies around it.

6. Royal Tees

Rock & Roll Royalty T-Shirts

Gift the power of royalty with Dead Queens T-Shirts. Our iconic tees make the perfect gift for those who rock their crown with confidence. Whether paired with a leather jacket for an edgy vibe or styled with jeans for casual chic, these shirts add a regal touch to any ensemble. Give the gift of empowerment and style.

And for extra fun shop the Beheaded Queens Collection!

And same styling process...printed on the back with the Royal insignia, birth, death and/or beheaded dates and probably a quote! Just for an extra bit of Queen cool!

7. Royal Muscle


Marie Antoinette Muscle Shirt


Yes, we have sleeveless t-shirts or Royal Muscle Tank Tops as well!

Rock your royal style with Dead Queens sleeveless t-shirts—perfect for layering under a blazer or pairing with shorts for a chic summer look.

8. Royal Notes

Queen Victoria Notebook

 Adorned with original art, Dead Queens Royal Notes spiral notebooks are the perfect canvas for sketching, note-taking, journaling or to-do lists. A must-have accessory for the modern woman who values elegance and creativity.
Empress Wu Zetian Notebook
Pick your Queen and write your story.

 9. Signature Royals & Rebels Goblet

Sip in style with the Royals and Rebels Goblet—a must-have for Queens on the go. Whether it's coffee, tea, or a splash of champagne, it's the perfect fun gift for any occasion.

10. Royal Gift Boxes

With all the above choices, we make it even easier for you with our curated gift boxes that come wrapped and ready all packaged in a beautiful wax stamped gift box keepsake.

Guaranteed to reign supreme as the ultimate Queen/King of gift giving. 

Anne Boleyn Royal Gift Box

Anne Boleyn Royal Blood Bath Gift Box

Our Royal Gift Boxes are unique and thoughtfully curated to make it ever so easy for you to be the greatest gift giver. The Gift Boxes are presented in a magnetic box with a royal Q wax stamped on the exterior of the box. 

And don't Forget the Card!

Shop the royally fun Greeting Cards!

Queen of Pop Greeting Card

 Happy Royal Gift Shopping 


Dead Queens Royal Gift Shop

Black heart with crown

Shop your favourite Queens. From Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Empress Wu, Hojo Masako, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I and many more fabulous, bad ass women!


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