The Queenspirational Reign of Empress Catherine the Great

The Queenspirational Reign of Empress Catherine the Great

On this day, November 17, we celebrate Catherine's death. We're delving into the epic saga of the Reign of Catherine the Great and the end of Catherine's life on the anniversary of her death – a monarch whose flair for the dramatic and stylish rule would give any modern fashionista a run for her rubles. Join us in a wild celebration of her life, from the jaw-dropping coup d'état that had everyone talking to the tantalizing love affairs that sizzled hotter than a samovar in full boil. And of course, we'll be showcasing the regally entertaining products from Dead Queens because what's a celebration without some flair?

On This Day A Queen Died - Catherine The Great

The Rise of Catherine

Flashback to 1729 Russia, the early years, where a young German princess, Sophia Augusta Frederica, entered the scene like a comet of fabulousness. Armed with wit sharper than a stiletto heel, Catherine maneuvered through the political quagmire, earning her place in the Russian Royal family and becoming a devoted patron of the arts. Talk about a royal multitasker! She rose from relative obscurity in the Russian court to snag the title of Empress of Russia to take over the Russian throne, proving she had more moves than a whole chess grandmaster tournament and had the longest reign of any female Russian leader. She led her country into full participation in the political and cultural life of Europe, improving Russian culture and ensuring her place in Russian history.

The Grand Coup

Fast forward to 1762, and buckle up, because it's time for the coup that shook Russia to its fashionable core! Catherine orchestrated a coup d'état against her husband the Tsar of Russia that was so audacious, even the palace walls were gossiping. Picture it: fabulous fur-lined robes, scandalous secrets, and a wink-and-nod operation that would put a modern spy thriller to shame. Tsar Peter III was shown the door faster than you could say, "Is that a tiara or a crown?" Catherine seized the throne in a move that had everyone clutching their pearls in awe.

Hulu's Elle Fanning - Catherine The Great - Dead Queens

(Elle Fanning in Hulu's The Great TV Series - Hulu/Andrea Pirello)

Now, did you watch Hulu's "The Great"? Elle Fanning's portrayal brought Catherine The Great's story into the modern day with all the glitz and glamour in a satirical way. It was an alternate historical drama, with a side of fabulous fashion that would make even the most seasoned runway model green with envy. And of course, our queen in the role of a queen – Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren was nothing short of regal perfection in the four-part miniseries for HBO. Mirren is very selective about who she chooses to play. She values the importance of equitable representation for women when. Both series are worth watching in our opinion.  

HBO's Helen Mirren - Catherine The Great

(Helen Mirren as Catherine The Great - HBO)

Dead Queens' Catherine the Great Collection

But darling, let's talk fashion! Dead Queens' Catherine the Great Collection, created by female artists, a collaboration between Dead Queens and artist Lily Yang, is here to add a splash of imperial extravagance to your wardrobe and your home. These aren't just products; they're pieces of history draped in glamour. Picture yourself in a T-shirt with an original painting of Empress Catherine II or drying your hands with tea towels fit for a tsarina. It's not just clothing and accessories; it's a royal decree of fabulousness of one of the great powers and an extraordinary woman. 

Catherine The Great Crew Neck T-Shirt in white

Catherine The Great Tea Towel

Catherine The Great Tea Towel

The Reign of Enlightenment – and Glitter

Once Catherine ascended to power in the late 18th century, did she rest on her fabulous laurels? Absolutely not! She became a trendsetter in more ways than one, turning her court into the Studio 54 of the Enlightenment era. Imagine a disco ball reflecting off gilded ceilings as intellectuals, artists, and influencers partied like it was 1762. It wasn't just a reign; it was a disco inferno of ideas and creativity. Russian society was never the same.

And let's not forget the bling! Catherine wasn't just a patron of the arts; she was the queen of glam in the royal court. She transformed Russia into a cultural powerhouse, and her court became the hottest ticket in town. Fashion, literature, music – her influence sparkled brighter than a diamond-studded crown. Catherine had a hunger for knowledge. It wasn't just enlightenment; it was a full-blown enlightenment extravaganza! The Catherine Palace below - not a bad place for a party!

The Catherine Palace

(The Catherine Palace - Tsarskoe Selo, Russia)

Affairs of the Heart – and Wardrobe

Now, onto the juicy stuff – love affairs! Enter Russian military leader Grigory Potemkin, a man whose fashion sense could make a fur coat look like the height of a catwalk. Their connection wasn't just a flame; it was a great love with fire that blazed hotter than a thousand fashion runways. Catherine's husband and she, were both known for their extramarital affairs and romantic relationships, before and after Peter's reign. Catherine, as we know through her many letters that still survive today, loved to be in love. 

Picture this: a candlelit chamber, fur-lined robes, and a romance so intense it would make a soap opera blush. Catherine and Potemkin weren't just a power couple; they were the Brangelina of the 18th century. Their love affair was the ultimate fashion statement, and it didn't just heat up the Winter Palace, now the Hermitage Museum; it set hearts ablaze across the empire.

Catherine The Great + Grigory Potemkin

(Catherine The Great II + Grigory Potemkin)

Legacy and Influence

Catherine's impact on Russia wasn't just a footnote in history; it was a headline-making extravaganza. She transformed the Russian Empire into a powerhouse of style and sophistication, leaving behind a legacy that even the most fabulous monarchs would envy. The Hermitage Museum and the Catherine Palace? Those aren't just architectural wonders; they're glittering testaments to Catherine's vision and influence. See the Catherine Palace above. 

The Hermitage Museum - St Petersburg, Russia

(The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia)

The Hermitage Museum, originally Catherine's Winter Palace, isn't just a gallery; it's a catwalk of culture. It houses one of the world's most prestigious collections, a testament to Catherine's commitment to the arts. The Catherine Palace, with its opulent blue and gold façade, it's a runway where every step echoes the fabulousness of Catherine's reign. The Throne of Russia has never been the same. Catherine put Russian nobility on the map.

Catherine The Great - original art - Lily Yang + Limerick - Rob King - Dead Queens

Honouring Catherine The Great with Dead Queens – a 'Shero'

To honour Catherine The Great's passing, let's raise a glass to the queen who ruled with a flair that'd make Marie Antoinette green with envy. Embrace her regal spirit with Dead Queens' Catherine the Great Collection, and let the world know that you've got the style fit for an empress! Catherine The Great is definitely a 'Shero' (She Hero).

Dead Queens' Catherine the Great Collection isn't just a fashion line; it's a lifestyle collection. The line was created to show that every day is a celebration of fabulousness. The tea towels, fit for a tsarina, aren't just for drying hands; they're for adding a touch of imperial flair to your kitchen. It's not just fashion; it's a revolution of regality.

Catherine The Great Pillow - Dead Queens

Catherine The Great Pillow

Conclusion – Walk Like a Queen

Catherine the Great wasn't just a ruler; she was a fashion-forward force of nature. As we toast to her legacy, let's keep the spirit of fabulous queens alive! Join us on Queenspirations as we continue to uncover the stories of history's most glamorous and influential women. And don't forget to explore Dead Queens' Catherine the Great Collection – because being fabulous isn't just a royal decree; it's a way of life. So, whether you're sipping tea or strutting down the street in a "Catherine The Great" T-shirt or scarf, remember, Catherine's style lives on in all of us. Cheers to the empress who redefined the meaning of reign – may your fashion legacy forever dazzle the runways of history!

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