The Many Faces of Queen Elizabeth I

The Many Faces of Queen Elizabeth I

So many great actors have played Queen Elizabeth I. Here they are. Who do you do you like best? LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us who is your favourite. It's hard to decide. They all gave us incredible insight into this iconic Queen. The writer first, then the actors who, TRANSFORMED and lifted the words off the page to the screen. Transformation is the key. 
If you are a Elizabeth I fan then here is your Playlist of films to watch. 
Bette Davis
The Virgin Queen (1955)
and in 
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939)
Bette Davis as Queen Elizabeth I
Kathren Hepburn
Mary of Scotland (1936)
Kathen Hepburn as Queen Elizabeth I
Dame Judy Dench
Shakespeare In Love (1998)
Dame Judy Dench as Queen Elizabeth I
Helen Mirren
Queen Elizabeth I (2005)
Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth I
Kate Blanchett
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)
Kate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I
Margot Robbie
Mary Queen of Scots (2018)
Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I
Quentin Crisp
Orlando (1992)
Quentin Crisp as Queen Elizabeth I
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I also have to say that Helen Mirren is brilliant as QEI. And I must admit that I haven’t watched Orlando yet….so that is on my own playlist!

Tammy Beltrami

Thank you for all your comments. Melissa, I have to look up Anne Marie Duff in the Virgin Queen now.

Jacqueline, Judy Dench is always so fantastic. Kate Blanchett’s version was amazing too. It’s funny how many times one can watch and re-watch these films. They are all so beautifully done. All the work…the costumes, makeup, hair and talent. I always find something new also. I hope you enjoy watching this play list, Jacqueline!

Valerie, so that is 2 votes for Dame Judy Dench. Guess that’s why she’s the Dame!

Have a great day Queens! I think I will rewatch a couple of these myself.

Tammy Beltrami

Don’t forget Anne Marie Duff in The Virgin Queen


I love Judi Dench’s version from the film Shakespeare in Love first. But I do have to mention Kate Blanchett’s role from the 1998 version of the film Elizabeth.
However, so difficult to choose!! Now I must spend time re-watching and discovering this list of films!

Happy Queen Day


Dame Judy Dench

Valérie Brochu

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