The English Rose - Queen of People's Hearts

The English Rose - Queen of People's Hearts

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It's Canada Day and here in Queenspirations, it's a celebration of all things British. Particularly, Princess Diana. We are celebrating Princess Diana's Birthday - July 1, 1961. Of course you all have listened to this song and more than likely watched Elton John perform this song at her funeral.

I am happy to celebrate Princess Diana's birthday. It's hard to celebrate this incredible Princess - really a Queen,  without feeling the loss of her presence.

What if Princess Diana was still with us. It would be so fantastic to still have Diana with us?! She would have changed so much. Changed so much for her family - those boys.....I see her in them. I see her in their faces. I admire their strength and their tenacity. I just wish they had their mother to lean on and tell her all the wonderful things they would like to tell her and share with her. I just want to give them a big hug. 

It's special that Diana's birthday is July 1 - Canada Day. Being Canadian and also a fan of Diana, I thought I would share Elton's beautiful song. I loved the song before Bernie Taupin rewrote the song for Diana. And I love it more now that it is about Diana. Now it feels like it was always about Diana not that it started out as a song about Marilyn Munroe. Two Candles in the Wind. 

Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the shocking news of Diana's death? Please, leave us a note and share your story of that day (August 31, 1997)

Let's celebrate, mourn and reminisce together. 

The day that I heard that  Diana Princess of Wales had passed away, I was walking to a festa in the north of Italy - Salo. A celebration of food, community and summer. I had recently moved to Italy with my family. I was walking to the festa with my Sister and Brother in law. I barely spoke Italian at the time. My brother in law, Sandro, told me this news as we were making our way. Stunned. We continued on to the festa with, my baby daughter, Daniella, who was 6 months old and my son, Giacomo who was 1 1/2 years old. For the following days, I sat in our flat in Desenzano, Italy and watched the Italian news reporting on Diana's death. I was forced to learn quite a bit of Italian that week through my tears. When I do listen to this song, I usually listen on repeat 3-4 times. 

Good-bye again to the English Rose Queen of Hearts.
Listen on repeat with me. 
And please, share your story of what you were doing on that fateful day. 


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