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Queenspirational Royal Viewing Recommendations

We've made it past Hanukkah and Christmas. Now getting ready to move into the new year, here's some Queenspirationall television viewing suggestions. These shows - two documentaries & one tv series....have left a mark on me. 

1. Six by Sondheim

Six by Sondheim

"In HBO's fascinating documentary portrait Six by Sondheim, longtime collaborator James Lapine assembles an intricate and revealing mosaic of vintage and recent interviews with the always quotable Sondheim." reads Rotten Tomato. 

Here's a clip:  

As you might know Stephen Sondheim recently passed away on November 26 of this year. RIP Stephen. Your music will live on.  XOXO

2. Joan Didion The Center Will Not Hold

Joan Didion photo

"Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold pays tribute to an American literary legend with a richly personal perspective that should thrill devotees while enlightening newcomers." reads Rotton Tomatoes

Watch the trailer and definitely.....read more Joan Didion!

Joan Didion passed away December 23, 2021. Another Queen lost. Forever in print. And all we can say is "Oh wow!", Didion's response to a selection of responses to her 1979 review - an essay - on Woody Allen's 'Manhatten'


3. Being The Ricardos

Who doesn't love Lucille Ball. A royal Queen, one whom so many of us grew up with, laughed with. An amazingly strong, talented woman. A powerhouse. 

Enjoy the viewing and let me know your thoughts on these beautiful royal ones. 

And one more thing......this made me laugh! But I will try and eat more broccoli in the coming days. 

NewYorker Cartoon

All the best in 2022 Queens!



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