Queen Victoria Fun Facts

Queen Victoria Fun Facts

We always celebrate our Queen's special days and on this day May 24 in 1819, Alexandria Victoria was born.  Dead Queens collaborated with artist, Dawn Pearcey to create this piece of Victorian art. The detail in the original painting by Dawn Pearcey is outstanding. The texture in Victoria velvet gown, the tea cups! Pure beauty. Enjoy the fun facts below and our fun Limerick written by my talented partner. 

Hats Off To A Dynasty

Queen Victoria Limerick
Fun Facts about Queen Victoria

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Dead Queens created the Queen Victoria Journal and Sketchbook to  inspire journaling enthusiasts. Featuring an original art print by the talented artist Dawn Pearcey, the notebook pays homage to Queen Victoria's passion for journaling. The intricate and thought-provoking design captures the essence of Queen Victoria's era, encouraging users to immerse themselves in the royal artistry while chronicling their own thoughts and reflections. This notebook is not just a writing tool but a beautiful tribute to the legacy of Queen Victoria and a stylish companion for anyone eager to explore the world of journaling.

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