Pure Dead Brilliant

Pure Dead Brilliant

 We are commemorating the anniversary of Mary Queen of Scots', February 8, 1587 horrible beheading. Mary is one of our favourite paintings by artist, Dawn Pearcey. The detail is beautifully done and we love the artist's satirical words.....'Unclear Rescue Plan'. At Dead Queens we love fashion but mostly we love smart, intelligent fashion. That is what we aim to share. Pieces that are conversational, educational and pure one of a kind art. Let your body and home be the gallery. So celebrate with us and start collecting. 

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At Dead Queens, we spend our time researching and contacting artists that we feel are a great match with our style. Part of that research is going to galleries and art shows.....life is rough right?! That's how I was able to turn what I love into a beautiful job. Check out our artist page where we highlight all of our artists that we have worked with. 


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