Queenspirations: A Playlist For Anne Boleyn

Queenspirations: A Playlist For Anne Boleyn

Play some tunes while you shop the Beheaded Tudor Queen! 

Have a listen

Let's talk art!

Anne Boleyn X Yawn Temiseva

A beheaded Queen on the block! 

This collaboration between Dead Queens and Yawn Temiseva introduces you to  our Queen Anne Boleyn Collection!

Learn more about Yawn Temiseva on our Artist Page here.  

Look closely at this piece of work....you will see that this work is representative of 'The Six' Wives of Henry the VIII. We were so excited to include 'The Six'. It took us a moment when the first draft came back from the artist, as we were expecting something ironically royal. We got that but was not expecting this! I sat for a few moments and looked and re-looked at this piece of art. The more I looked, the more I fell in love with it. Wearing the Anne Boleyn T-Shirt and donning the Anne Boleyn Scarf around my shoulders makes me feel great. And the best thing is, I instantly have a bit of a giggle. These pieces make me feel fun and happy when I wear them. It's almost like a wearing a secret. A fun secret. You know.....if you know.....you know!

The Q-Crown was handed off to Jane Seymour after Anne's Beheading so as you see in the art work, our Q logo has been placed on the Jane Seymour bowling pin. 

Yes, this is quite a whimsical take on Anne Boleyn, we know.

But hey, no one is just ordinary, right?!

I thought this whole collection needed some music to go with it, so we made a playlist. 

Enjoy listening to this playlist. Just a little something not ordinary for you to enjoy!

Happy bowling Boleyn shopping!

I told you how this collection and the pieces make me feel. How do you feel about these pieces? Drop me a line below. I would really like to know your thoughts. 




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