Holiday Gifts Ideas from 10 Canadian Women-Owned Businesses We Love

Holiday Gifts Ideas from 10 Canadian Women-Owned Businesses We Love

🍁✨ This holiday season I wanted to introduce you to some fabulous women that I know because Queens support Queens. It's not easy to find reputable online stores to shop from. So I wanted to help out and share a few amazing shops where I know you will have the best experience and will know they are trustworthy.

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As the frosty winds herald the arrival of the holiday season, there's a special magic in the air, and what better way to infuse it with warmth than by indulging in handpicked treasures from women-owned businesses right here in Canada? Our curated holiday gift guide is a true north celebration of talent, diversity, and the spirit of giving, offering something delightful for everyone on your list. From the snowy peaks of the Rockies to the coastal charm of the Maritimes, join us on a cross-country adventure as we explore the incredible array of gifts crafted by inspiring women entrepreneurs. Whether you're shopping for the trendsetter, the cozy homebody, little ones, yourself, or the person who has everything, our guide has a carefully curated selection that captures the essence of Canadian creativity. This holiday season, let the joy radiate from the thoughtful gifts you give. Embrace the opportunity to support women-owned businesses from coast to coast, making your gift-giving journey not just a transaction but a meaningful connection. Each item in our guide is a testament to the craftsmanship, innovation, and resilience of Canadian women who bring their unique flair to the world. Get ready to embark on a festive voyage with us in the spirit of generosity. Whether it's the twinkling lights of city skylines or the serene beauty of the wilderness, our guide ensures that the magic of the holidays is infused into every carefully selected gift. 🎁🇨🇦

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Here is my list of 10 Canadian women-owned businesses that I want to put on your radar.  ✨🍁


Rare Breed Organic Apparel

1. Rare Breed Organic Apparel

Rare Breed Organic Apparel is a quirky brand that makes eco-friendly clothing.  Their first graphic t-shirt series features historical illustrations from the 1700-1800's.  They looked through old library archives, seed catalogues and poetry anthologies to find the most heart-warming, timeless illustrations and restored them for the 21st century - with a twist!  If you're an art history nerd, be sure to check out the stories on their website about the original artist behind each image. Owner/designer, Sarah hopes these tees put a smile on your face and make gift-giving easy! **I think we have about 5 styles of Rare Breed's T-shirts in my house now! I own the 'Stay Weird' and the 'Octopus'. Super gift for everyone of all ages - kids to adults!

Rare Breed Organic Apparel 


Sparkplug Coffee

2. Sparkplug Coffee

Shopping for a coffee lover? Kara Isert launched Sparkplug Coffee in 2014 to share her love of GREAT coffee, made at home. Sparkplug Coffee delivers its coffee by mail - or if you're in Toronto, by bike, on foot, or on the back of Kara’s vintage Vespa. With a range of coffees to suit different brewing styles and taste preferences, it’s easy to find your perfect coffee match in one of Sparkplug's blends. And they have a coffee subscription so you never run out! The perfect gift for that hard to buy for person. **It really is great to have good coffee in your mailbox!

Sparkplug Coffee



Eclair Lips

3. Eclair Lips

Eclair Lips, in Moncton, New Brunswick, is owned and operated by Sylvie Roy, her husband Mario and their family.  She started her line of lip balms because she wanted fun, not boring lip balm. So there you have it! You know you are in for a treat when you land on Sylvie’s site. The have a fantastic starter pack, so many great holiday flavours and great little lip balm holders! Such a fun and easy gift for all! **Love this family story

Eclair Lip Balm Dessert


Trisha Flanagan Jewelry

4. Trisha Flanagan Jewelry

Super cool unique pieces of Morse Code jewelry - symbolic and aesthetically pleasing. Pieces that are a daily reminder of living life purposefully and with some fun, even if the hidden message is only known between you and your loved one. Her beautiful dotted line earrings, the fabulous ‘fuck it’ necklace and ‘fuck cancer’ bracelet from her Bad Words Collection are a few of my favourites of course! The owner, designer and maker, Trisha Flanagan also offers custom personalized pieces as well. **Get your order in Queens!

Trisha Flanagan Jewelry



Apothekari Skincare

 5. Apothekari Skincare

Elevate your skincare experience with Apothekari, a brand dedicated to the unique needs of mature skin. Founded by pharmacist, Sharmani Pillay, her clinical formulations feature naturally safe and scientifically proven ingredients, providing a trustworthy solution for aging with confidence. From facial serums to deodorants and intimate care, Apothekari is designed to cater to all your body's places, ensuring a simplified yet effective skincare routine. **A beautiful Canadian skincare line we can all trust. 

Apothekari Skincare Products



photoED Magazine

 6. photoED Magazine

photoED magazine is an independently published print-based celebration of Canadian photography owned and operated by Rita Godlevskis. We're for people who love an analog read of original Canadian content. No techy stuff, or art-speak. Just ideas and a showcase of incredible photography stories from across Canada in high-quality print. Suitable to any and all art lovers. **+ In partnership with Sparkplug Coffee, photoED magazine offers a coffee and magazine moment subscription combo! 
Delivered 3x/ year this is the perfect gift for anyone who's up for a break from their screen #Hygge (kind of a no-brainer)
photoED Magazine

The Gorgeous Spice Company

7. The Gorgeous Spice Company

I can't say it better: The Gorgeous Spice makes wildly original spice blends for the kitchen adventurer and the culinary free spirit in all of us. If you think that every meal should start with fun in the kitchen and end with amazement at the table, then life just got a little more Gorgeous! Owned and operated by Lindan Courtemanche **Gorgeous is on my wish list! 

The Gorgeous Spice Company - Pumpkin spice


8. Lisa Rose

 painter. writer. designer. based in vancouver. 

From exquisite paintings to the beautiful short book, "Life Plain and Simple," and crafts chic, minimal leather bags. Elevate your style with Lisa Rose's functional and stunning designs. **I wear my bag often and for so many occasions. I always get compliments! I love it!

Lisa Rose



Mother Butter Logo

9. MotherButter

And of course we need cookies! MotherButter, founded by Jade Hansen, just doesn't do 'cookies' she does sassy cookies! MotherButter offers you premium sweet and savoury, sassy shortbreads for cookie monsters all year round! So easy! Just order!


Dead Queens recommends Mother Butter Shortbread Cookes



DQ Logo

 10. Dead Queens

I am including my company, Dead Queens, in this exclusive gift guide alongside nine other remarkable brands because I do shop from my own business. Dead Queens is a lifestyle brand that blurs the lines between regal elegance and rebellious charm. From fashion statements to home accents and apothecary delights, immerse yourself in a curated crown-worthy collection tailored for both royals and rebels alike. 

Shop our Royal Holiday Gift Guide:



Royal Holiday Gift Guide



because it is the holiday season!


Blue Mountain Winery and Pearl Morissette

Blue Mountain Vineyard is located in south Okanagan, BC and in my opinion, offers the best Canadian sparkling wine. Pearl Morissette Vineyard is located in Jordon, ON. The Pearl, as I call it has amazing wines and the best chardonnay that I have tasted anywhere. World class. They also have a Black Ball Society, which I am a part of. I won't explain more as I want you to enjoy discovering on your own.

Blue Mountain Vineyards 6-pack of sparkling wine on the left and Pearl Morissette's Vertical 6-pack of various vintages on the right.

Both companies offer a subscription. 


Blue Mountain Winery


Pearl Morissette Winery


black heart

C'est fini!

Happy Holidays Queens! 

Queens support Queens




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Hello Sue! So happy to see you here in the Queendom! Yes, this list of Canadian Women-Owned businesses are incredible! It’s also so nice to support each other and let people know about great businesses and great women. It’s a feel good project that helps everyone involved. And….we have a large country full of amazing businesses. It’s so nice to shop from coast to coast. I look forward to seeing you here in the New Year! Shopping while you sip that incredible Sparkplug Coffee! Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year!
Dead Queens HQ


Oh Queen-‘s’….*incredible favorite list, as if I need to say so ;). KARA is a good friend (I can vouch for her Coffee, subscription services and depend-ability)and it was Sparkplug’s Blog that led me to Dead Queen’s. “oh Canada” indeed-with some new sites to visit too. Thank You. I have an on-going “swoon list” of your products and 2024 makes a purchase definite. BLESSINGS, to you ALL and take good care over the holiday season and beyond. 🌸💮🏵💜⚡💥-Suz via Wpg

Suzanne Morier

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