A Playlist for The Six Wives of Henry VIII

A Playlist for The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Now that we've delved into the Tudor dynasty and explored the lives of the Six Wives of Henry VIII, let's infuse some vibrant energy into Queendom with the lively, satirical tunes of 'Six: The Musical.' This captivating creation, penned in 2017 by college students Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, offers a contemporary twist on the tale. 'Six' reimagines Henry VIII's wives engaging in a song contest (aka American Idol or The Voice) to vie for the title of the king's most unfortunate spouse. Boasting catchy tunes, humorous dialogue, and a strong message of Female Empowerment, the musical made its live debut in London's West End in 2019 and has since embarked on a global tour. What a super cool couple of college kids.

Toby Marlowe & Lucy Moss - Writers of Six: The Musical

Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss - creaters of Six: The Musical

 The Six: The Musical performers - London West End (below)  

Six: The Musical performers


Dead Queens X Yawn Temiseva 

Check out the Anne Boleyn Collection and 'The Six Wives' Collection
Here's a royal taste :)


Secure your tickets, wherever you can find a theatre near you,

don your Anne Boleyn or 'Six' T-shirt, and complete the ensemble with the

Anne Boleyn Weekender Tote Bag

for an incredibly enjoyable experience!


To get you into the mood, have a listen to some of the music below. 

Drop me a line. Who's your favourite of the Six?

Royally Yours, 



Here are the Queens of Six: The Musical performing the Divorced, Beheaded, Died Song at the Olivier Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London

And here are the Queens performing 'Don't Lose Your Head' on BBC One

Give them a standing ovation! I hope this made you smile and maybe even groove a little bit.  

 Six: The Musical on stage

The Six Wives in Six The Musical

Six The Musical sign outside the theatre in London - as I waited in line

Above: This was my view as my daughter and I waited in line to see the show in 2023.

Love it? Here's the full Six: The Musical Playlist. And please leave us a message and tell us what your favourite song is!


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