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Sadako Sasaki Red Paper Crane Silk Square Scarf

Sadako Sasaki Red Paper Crane Silk Square Scarf (4 Sizes)

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'I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world.' A quote by Sadako Sasaki. 佐々木 禎子, Sasaki Sadako, January 7, 1943 – October 25, 1955. A victim of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima when she was two years old. She survived for another ten years, becoming one of the most widely known hibakusha– a Japanese "bomb-affected person". Sadako vowed to make one thousand origami cranes before she died. Supposedly she folded 644 and her classmates finished the rest for you after her death. One Thousand Origami Cranes is a senbazuru legend in Japan. There is a statue of Sadako holding a crane in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Her quote was adapted by artist Takahashi Hara in his Japanese Street Style Print. 

  • 100% Silk Habotai
  • Square style
  • Available in 3 sizes: Mini: 16"x16", MiniMore: 26"x26" Midi: 36"x36", Maxi: 50"x50"
  • Digital printed artwork on white
  • Reactive digital ink print will not fade
  • Machine rolled baby hem
  • Original art by Takashi Hara
  • Graphically enhanced by Dead Queens HQ + Jirayu Cunningham